Medical Record Review

EHR/EMR use is encouraged among providers because to the rapid advancement of healthcare technologies and federal initiatives. The management of healthcare malpractice and adherence to federal and state rules are still necessary notwithstanding the digitization of medical records.

MANMUN is a healthcare service provider that offers radiology reviews as part of their medical coding services. Radiology reviews involve the interpretation and analysis of medical images to diagnose and treat medical conditions.

MANMUN, a healthcare service provider, offers independent medical record review and analysis solutions that serve various purposes such as legal perusal for attorneys, claim consideration for payers, malpractice review, Medicare audit, and more. These solutions also provide crucial prognosis and historical treatment data to medical providers such as surgeons, consultants, and nurse practitioners. This information helps in determining financial liabilities and the feasibility of potential treatment options.

MANMUN’s medical coding website may offer resources or services related to radiology reviews, such as training materials for coders to improve their understanding of radiology terminology and procedures. They may also offer tools or software to help coders assign accurate codes based on radiology reports and reviews.

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